– Manufacturer: Biosira Pharmaceuticals

– Pack: 100 tablets (25mg/tab)

– Chemical Substance : Oxymetholone


Some of the finest quality Androx Biosira products are made by the renowned manufacturer Biosira Pharmaceuticals. So, whenever it comes to purchase of this particular product, choose the brand described above.

This substance is first invented for the treatment of some particular diseases like anemia and osteoporosis. The major component of this product Oxymetholone is sold under the brand name of Anadrol in the market. After finding the anabolic property of this substance, bodybuilders have started using it for their performance enhancement. After few users of the use of this steroid, it has become one of the popular steroids among many athletes too.

It enhances the muscle mass and stamina of the user to a great extent. That is why bodybuilders and athletes both have started using it for their performance enhancement. It only burns the fat tissues of the user’s body leaving the muscle mass untouched. That is why the person does not feel much change in the total muscle of the body.


This is one of the strongest steroid products ever made. So, it is usually recommended to take 50-150 mg per day for a period of 4-12 weeks in length. While there are many users who find 50-100 mg per day is more than enough for their body.

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